Dance Classes Tampa

End Your Search for Dance Classes in Tampa, FL, With Gilleoghan Irish Dance

Let’s be honest – in your search for dance classes in the Tampa, Florida, area, Irish dance was probably not what you had in mind. Traditional Irish dance may not be one of the most popular styles of dance, but it is an activity that is both unique and provides countless benefits – physical and otherwise – to those who take part.

What is Irish Dance?

Irish dance is the traditional form of dance the originated in Ireland in the 17th century. Today, Irish dance has become much more modernized and is popularly known through productions like Riverdance.


What Are Irish Dance Classes like?

Our dance classes are divided by level, so that each dancer can learn and grow with others who are at similar places in their dancing careers. Our beginner dance classes begin with dancers learning soft shoe dances, and we focus on teaching the basics of form and technique. Dancers learn their “threes” and “sevens” and establish turnout, crossing, point, and more – all of which are foundations of Irish dance that they will use as they progress. Dancers will learn beginner steps in several soft shoe dances.

Dancers in our more advanced dance classes focus on both soft shoe and hard shoe dances. As dancers progress, their steps become more complicated and require a higher level of technique. No matter the dancer’s level, however, we do our very best to make our dance classes enjoyable for all, offering a good mix of both fun and discipline to ensure our students have a great time while becoming the best dancers they can be.

If you or your child would like to give our dance classes a try, contact Gilleoghan Irish Dance today. We have studio locations in Palm Harbor and Tampa, FL.