Irish Dance Lessons Tampa

Irish Dance Lessons Taught by World-Renowned Teachers in Tampa, FL

The best place to go for Irish dance lessons in Tampa, FL, is Gilleoghan Irish Dance. Our dance school is led by Terry Gillan, Philip Owens, and Eileen McGinley-Watson, all of who are decorated dancers and teachers in their own right. With decades of teaching experience under their belts, the teachers of Gilleoghan Irish Dance are dedicated to helping each and every student become the best dancer they can be.

Gilleoghan Irish Dance has seen countless students achieve tremendous success over the years. In addition to dozens of regional and national titles, some of our biggest achievements include winning eight World titles, as well as the Senior Ladies 8-hand competition at the 2012 North American Irish Dance Championships. To this day, we send many students to the Regional, National, and World Championships each year for both solo and team competitions, and our dancers consistently perform and place well.


The Benefits of Taking Irish Dance Lessons

Irish dance lessons provide children with a number of benefits. In addition to helping them remain physically fit and healthy, our dance classes teach children the value of hard work, discipline, and perseverance. Our dancers also form lifelong friendships with one another, creating an environment in our studio that is truly something special.

For more information on our Irish dance lessons, or to enroll yourself of your child in classes contact Gilleoghan Irish Dance today. Our studio is located in Tampa, FL, with additional class locations throughout the area.